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Friday, November 16, 2012

My Life in Minutes

*Disclaimer Alert: This post is only text and I really just wanted to document a day in the life for posterity's sake, but if you have nothing better to do or you are my mother or sister or grandmother, enjoy!

 Wednesday November 14, 2012

 5:45am- I hear Lucy crying up stairs…a few moments later…I am thinking to myself oh, thank goodness she went back to sleep and I close my eyes for what feel like 3 seconds.

 6:15am- alarm goes off for the first time. Push the snooze for 7 more minutes of shut eye.

 6:22am- alarm goes off for the second time.- want to push snooze again , but there’s too much to do today!. Off to shower and get ready for work.

 7:10am-Leave the house for work, rest of the house is sleeping away and because the coffee maker wakes up Lucy, I leave with no coffee! Argh!

 7:26am- Finally arrive at work, usually it only takes me 10 minutes when I typically leave around 810ish. But today I had to get there by 7:30am because of Luke’s program. See two patients.

 8:40am-Clock out of work and head back across town to Mary B Austin.

 8:56am- Barely make it to the school to see my “baby” get his first quarter A honor roll achievement award! He was so proud and kept his eye on me the whole time. SO glad I made it!

 9:16am-Kindergarteners call outs were over, Lucy and Jeremy made it just in time to see all of them process out and we follow Luke back to his room for a few pictures before we left.

 9:17am- I ride with Jeremy to drop Lucy off at MDO while sipping on a fresh cup of coffee made by my sweet husband! He knew just what I needed! I love that man. We drop off Lucy and he takes me back to my car as we both head our separate ways to work.

 9:35am- On my way back to work, I stop by the store to get some towels for all of our guests coming into town for Thanksgiving next week, but they don’t have any I like. Bummer.

 10:17am- Make it back across town to clock in at work for the second time. This time I see my three remaining patients and realize that I have just enough time to squeeze in a few errands before picking Lucy back up! 1

2:06pm- clock out!

 12:12pm- Run in at CVS to get the cereal that’s on sale b/c I have a coupon, only to find out they are sold out. On to my next errand.

 12:20pm- Run in to Dirt Cheap to get some Thanksgiving stuff and left with some Turkey napkins, Turkey plates, and 4 fancy non-breakable children’s melamine plates for Thanksgiving day for under $15!

 12:40pm – Leave DC

 12:50pm- Run in CVS by church to get the cereal and THEY were sold out too! Ugh!

 12:53pm-Pick up Lucy from MDO room and she was happy when we left, but by the time we got to the car she realized that she was out of juice in her sippy cup and she went into serious melt down mode! Kicking, screaming, crying,,,…I almost couldn’t get her into her car seat and she cried real tears all the way home.

 1:07pm- Pull into carport with still crying baby, fill up her cup with fresh water and take her straight to her bed.

 1:10pm- Lay her in bed still crying, she is in a serious frenzy and SO AM I by this point.

 1:14pm- Lucy has stopped crying praise the Lord! I put my oh so yummy crock pot potato soup in the microwave! As my lunch is warming, I Change out of my nasty nursing home scrubs, unload the dish washer, and tidy up the kitchen area from breakfast during Daddy day care before school this morning!

1:16pm- Microwave beeps and Lucy start crying again and I try not to cuss!

 1:19pm- Continue with putting up clean dishes and Lucy is quiet again! Praise the Lord! Ah!...time for a quiet lunch! Just me and some soup and some random TV. (Pretty sure I was flipping around and landed on QVC, but hey don’t judge, and at least I didn’t buy anything! ☺)

 1:32pm- Re-load the dishwasher with dishes from Daddy day care breakfast and my lunch.

 1:33pm- Make up bed, usually done in the early am, but hey, at least it got made! Balance the check book, catch up on emails, tidy up the up stairs, up load pictures and put up a blog post, which is saying a lot because, I haven’t done one in 8 months!

 2:47pm- I hear Lucy stirring and when I go in to get her she flashes me her big gap toothy grin and it warms my frazzled, frenzied heart! After a diaper change, I wrap up some computer stuff it is time to throw on shoes and head back out the door.

 3:01pm- Leave the house making sure that Lucy has a full sippy cup and big cup of snacks because there is no getting through carpool line without having SOME kind of snack. No snack=little miss cranky pants. Snack=nice ride in the car with my happy little diva!

 3:12pm-Make it to the end of the ever growing carpool line and talk to Mom and Liz on the phone. 

3:27pm- Luke gets in the car. He usually likes for me to check his folder but he didn’t seem that excited so I knew what that meant. (For those of you that don’t know a green happy face=good day, a yellow straight face=student needed some correction, and a red unhappy face=bad day. ) Well, today he was on the dreaded red light, which means no recess and no snack at the end of the day. His infractions were not following directions and talking when he was told not to. So now I’ve got a happy 20 month old and a cranky, hungry, exhausted 5 year old. Heaven help us. So the following sibling/mother interaction ensued: Luke took out his snack of pretzels that he had missed at snack time because he was on red and starts eating them. Just as a quick side: Daddy had packed them so this Ziploc bag of pretzels could have fed an army, mind you. Lucy proceeded to made the sign language sign for “more” telling Luke she wanted a pretzel. Luke looks at her and says “MINE.” Well, I calmly said, Luke you have plenty just give your sister one! And he said “NO” in the nastiest tone and I calmly said Luke give me the bag of pretzels. Well, I don’t know if anyone has seen a 5 year old melt down but it is one of the most horrifying sights to behold and I hope no one has to endure one! By the time we pulled up at the house, I had lost my temper, both kids were crying, and I was about to lose my ever loving mind! 

3:43pm- Longest 15 minutes of my life. Everyone takes a breather and changes clothes. Luke and Lucy put on their matching Turkey shirts/dress and were so, so cute! I set up the pack and play in the guest bedroom b/c Collin is coming home from church with Jeremy and the kids tonight. Pack Lucy’s diaper bag and fix the coffee pot for in the morning!

 4:23pm- Leave the house for Wednesday night church by way of the post office. 4

:29pm-Swing by the post office to mail a letter that should have gone out days ago, but it is what it is. Now the sign said it closed at 4:30 and the lady was just locking the door and I had Lucy on my hip and I tried to beg, but that is the post office for you. No sympathy and No mailing that piece of mail today!

 4:39pm- Pull in to the church parking lot.

 4:44pm- Make it to the dining hall and there is already a line for food. Gotta love the over 70 crowd chomping at the bit to eat during the 4 o’clock hour, but us moms with kids that have to teach choir at 5:30 need a skip to the front pass or something! ☺

 5:19pm- Clean up mashed food in the floor and spilt tea on the table, wipe faces and hands after scarfing down a surprisingly delish turkey and dressing meal! Head up stairs to take Lucy to nursery. 

5:29pm- Drop Luke off at his music class.

 5:30pm- Help Debbie Rice teach music to the 4th. 5th, and 6th graders.

 5:53pm- Skip out of Debbie’s choir a little early to hear Luke sing at the beginning of prayer meeting. 

6:05pm- Just before Luke’s class began singing, one of Luke’s teachers leaned over to me and said “I can tell that Luke really loves to sing and he is really good, too!” The kids were so cute and I just love the fact that Luke seems so comfortable up on stage! My little boy looks so big to me and I just sit and am in awe of how much he has grown and matured this fall!

 6:15pm- Jeremy and I head up stairs and I meet Liz as she is getting out of teaching the 3 year old choir.

 6:20pm- Kiss Jeremy and wish him luck because he is staying for choir and then taking our two and collin home to our house after church while Liz and I are heading for a girls night out at Christmas Jubilee!

 6:32pm- Meet liz at my house to drop off her car so we can just take one car to the fair grounds. Freshen up, Change purses, etc.

 6:46pm- Leave my house.

 7:02pm- Arrive at the Christmas Jubilee Gala preview night and had a blast. Usually Mom, Liz and I all go, but since Mom was home with what she thought was the flu, it was only Liz and me this year. We had so much fun going around to each and every booth and I actually talked Liz into going around twice! The food was catered by Georgia Russos and the food was quite good and how can you go wrong with getting to shop while you eat and drink! We only left with a few items, but it is always so much fun and I look forward to it every year!

 9:58pm- Head back home for the fourth and final time today! I had snagged Jeremy a little cup of gumbo from the gala and we all sat at the dining room table and visited for a while.

 10:42pm- Liz left the house with a sweet little groggy boy who was sound asleep only minutes ago in our guest bedroom.

 11:48pm- After catching up with Jeremy and watching a few of our dvr’d shows to unwind, I could barely keep my eyes open. As I lay my head on the pillow and reflect on the day, I am amazed at how busy the days can get and how crazy our lives are right now. My days right now are chaos and I am trying to embrace that because I know people say that these are the good old days that we are living right now. I am trying to take even the tiniest of pauses, when for example Lucy flashes me a grin and says “mommy” in her little munchkin voice or when Luke runs up and gives me a hug and says he’s sorry for not giving lucy a pretzel without me having to prompt him or getting to laugh with my sister at people we know's nonsense or when Jeremy gives me a quick kiss and looks into my eyes and I know he is thinking “we got this and everything is going to be fine.” I thank God above for all of the blessings in my life both big and small and think that even on days like these we need to Savor the good stuff!

 Thanks for reading and I promise the next blog post will have pictures! ☺

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Halloween 2012!

After much coaxing and comments from my dear husband, I have returned to the blogging world! I don't make too many promises, but here's a new post since an 8 months hiatus. So much has happened and rather than focus on the past, I will try to hit the most recent highlights... Halloween 2012 was a blast! Luke chose to be a fireman and because I never found a Dalmatian costume for Lucy and because I already had the pumpkin costume, Lucy by default was a pumpkin! Sorry Kid, second child and all! I tried to get the one perfect shot of them and it just never happened, I guess because I have the two busiest kids in the world. But here they are in all their glory! Luke was an old pro at the whole trick or treating thing and you would have thought Lucy had been doing it all her life! She filled up her bag as quickly as Luke did! Happy Halloween, Y'all!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Last Saturday!

Cousin Collin spent the night last Friday night, so Saturday morning I had all three of the munchkins! Thankfully, the babies like to eat so I put them in their high chairs and let them go to town on some pancakes and bananas! They had the best time and I had so much fun playing with them!

Showing off my food!

Collin making his "face!"

Playing peek a boo, a.k.a, "where's collin?" "There he is!!!"

And check out what big boy did last Saturday! Yep, he went swimming in the 65 degree pool and he loved every minute! I'm afraid the swimming monster has been awoken! He's asked every day since "When can I go swimming again?"

And just like that, spring has sprung!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

You at ONE!

Happy Happy Birthday to my sweet little baby girl!

I simply cannot believe that a year has gone by! and I Cannot tell you how much joy you have brought to my heart and to the heart of our family! Everyone says this about their baby, but you, my dear, and the happiest baby in the entire history of babies! You have been such an "easy" baby! I can tell you that I have been much more laid back as a a mother this time around. I have been less neurotic about you hitting those "milestones" and less comparative to other kids your age. I remember stressing over every little thing when Luke was a baby, when to start cereal, when to start food, worrying that he wasn't talking enough, and the list went on and on. So, maybe it's just your personality or that I'm more laid back or most likely a combination of the two. But you, Baby Luce are such a joy! Before I forget and you are on to the next newest thing, I wanted to remember the details of you at ONE!

You love to kick you legs, when I pick you up, you kick your legs, when we lay you down in your crib, you kick your legs. Sometimes I can hear you in the middle of the night on the monitor kicking those chubby little legs..... maybe you will be the ballerina that I so was not!

You finally got four teeth, two on the top and two on the bottom, at a whopping 10 and a half months! And you have the biggest gap between the top two and your toothy grin just makes me smile!

You have been our sick child. This past year you have had RSV once and had 6-7 ear infections , which is why we have an appt. to see the ENT this coming monday. I am afraid tubes may be in your future :( It's hard to say whether this is just you being a little sickly, or the fact that you have an older sibling, or most likely because you are at school from 7:30am-12:30pm and have been exposed to every little germ imaginable. You are also one of those kids who have no symptoms of ear infections what so ever, no fever, no pulling of the ears, no fussiness, nothing, we would just go in for regular check ups and they would find them. They were always preceded by a cold, so when ever your little nose would start running, I knew an ear infection wouldn't be far behind.

You LOVE to eat big people food and are such a good eater. You will eat literally ANYthing we put in front of you, beans are one of your favorites, broccoli, bananas, chicken, potatoes, peaches, pasta, you name it. The only thing we haven't tried is fish, honey, and peanuts (although you have had a few pieces of chick fil a which is cooked in peanut oil). The only thing you have tried that you would not eat is your birthday cake! Haha. You stuck your hand in and started shaking it off. One taste and you gagged and spit it out. What is so funny is that Luke was the same way on his first birthday.

You are not walking yet, but you cruise around the furniture and will walk with us if we hold your hands. (Again, something I stressed about with Luke, but this time, I know it's NO big deal.)

You can say mama, apple, and baba for bottle, but your favorite things to say are "uh oh!" and dada! You are a combo of daddy's girl and momma's girl, you have gotten a touch of stranger anxiety, but for the most part you are ok with new people.

You are the BEST sleeper! We learned from last time to have you sleep in your own bed from the beginning and you have been sleeping through the night since about 2 months old. You sleep from 6:30pm to 6:30-7am every night, and you may or may not take a morning nap, but take a long afternoon nap from 1-3:30, sometimes longer. You usually want dinner around 5pm. We didn't train you on this schedule, you are, just like I said, perfect! ;)

You LOVE LOVE LOVE your brother. Your face lights up when you see him in the morning and Even when he has you pinned down, you are grinning from ear to ear. You are learning to hold your own in the toy department, but it's so funny to watch you two play because if he starts doing something you don't like or grab something from out of your hands you look straight to me and start whining as if you are saying "Mommy, fix it and make him stop!"

You wave to everyone, even strangers, you can blow kisses, you can give your baby a kiss on command, you love to clap, and you play peek a boo.

At your 12 month appt, you were 20 pounds 3 ounces and 29.5 cm long, putting you at the 25th percentile for weight, and the 75th percentile for height!

I think you have chosen your lovey and I MUST go to the store right away and get 2-3 more as "replacements." (We learned that one the hard way with Luke. There was and only will be ONE bear bear and I just hope that ratty old thing makes it. It's amazing where all he's been and I can't tell you how many times he's been lost, but he is safe and sound as we speak sleeping with Luke even as I type this post.) You now sleep with a pink blanket bunny lovey that we now call "Night Night Bunny."

It's late and I know there are more, but I want you to know, you are a BLESSING to our family and I'm so glad God chose me to be your mommy!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

WOW! What a WONDERFUL, much needed weekend getaway to NOLA at the beginning of January!!! Mamaw and Papaw came to Mobile to stay with the kids while we went to the Alabama National Championship game! (This was the first time we had left Lucy over night and this trip we were gone THREE nights!.... but we knew they were both in great hands! Thanks again Mamaw and Papaw for keeping them!!!) We made the most of our weekend away and spent most of the time eating our way through New Orleans! We started out with a bang at Mother’s with gumbo and po boys. Liz pulled some strings and was able to get us a private dining 6 course meal at John Besh’s restaurant, August, Sat. night! It was delish and all of the Murphy clan (minus the kids) were there! Unfortunately, while we were at dinner, we got a call that Lucy had gotten a stomach virus, that would eventually strike everyone in it’s path, but that’s another story for another time. Sunday morning, we got up and went to Galitoire’s for brunch and it was FABULOUS! The fish almondine and banana fosters were to die for. I have never seen Galitoire’s so rambunctious, the LSU and AL fans got into some cheering wars! It was awesome. RTR! We ate a late night fried chicken dinner at Coops and the next day was the GAME! We spanked LSU and won 21 to ZERO! It was a blow out and the game was SO exciting! Jeremy and I were so glad it was our turn to go to the championship game! Our hotel, Le Pavillon, had pb and j and hot chocolate every night at 10, and no trip to NOLA would be complete without a trip down Bourbon St., and some beignets from CafĂ© du Monde. Until next time, NOLA….

Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day 2012! "I love you because..."

I interviewed Luke and asked him to fill in the blank about all of our close family members. These are all direct quotes! Enjoy!

"I Love (insert name here) because......"

Lucy: I love Lucy because she crawls all around.

Daddy: I love daddy because I just love him so much, I cannot stop!

Mommy: I love you because you pick me up everyday from school.

Mimi: I love Mimi because she takes me to school everyday.

Doc: I love Doc because he does nice things for me like lets me watch my shows.

Liz: I love Liz because every time she comes over, she brings Collin, my little buddy!

Collin: I love Collin because he's really good.

Kyle: I love Kyle because he takes care of Collin until his work opens.

Paddy: I love Paddy because I want him to see my fire truck.

Alan: I love Alan when she comes over everyday with Patrick and we do fun things like play outside.

Gran Marion: I love Gran Marion because she comes over everyday to play with me.

Gran Betty: I love Gran Betty because she comes over some days, but not all days and she lets me play in her room.

Gran Jack: I love Gran Jack because he comes over with Gran Betty and I see him at church.

Mamaw: I love mamaw because she is nice to me.

Papaw: I love Papaw because he tickles me like Doc does!

Christy: I love Christy because she calls us.

Alyssa: I love Alyssa because she lives in Georgia and I just love her.

Madison: I love Madison because she do's nice things to me.

Jared: I love Jared because he plays with me when I'm at Georgia.

Emily: I love Emily because she loves me and she taught me how to shake my booty!

I'm a "Sucker" for these Valentines!!!

I made a version of these Valentine's last year and couldn't help making them again this year! Luke remembered them AND this year he was able to write his name! When we got to the last one, (he had signed 16), he asked me where the next batch was. Haha! Luke has been so excited about Valentine's Day that last Friday he wore, literally, head to toe, (underware and socks included) RED! He is one crazy guy!